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Welcome to our website!

We are a small association located in Trossingen, which is in the southern part of Germany. We take care of the heritage railway of Trossingen, that runs from the center of Trossingen (Trossingen city station) to the next station at Deutsche Bahn’s route between Villingen and Rottweil (called Trossingen Staatsbahnhof).

This railway is very special due to several reasons, e.g. it was built in 1898 financed by a citizens‘ initiative to solve the transport problems of Trossingens instrument industry. It was also one of the first electrical railways – even if Trossingen had no electrical power supply when the railway was planned in 1895. And whats also special is the fact, that the trains that opened the line in 1898 still exist – not only as exhibition objects, but also ready for service! Most probably, this is the oldest electrical railway that is still able to run!

Please excuse, that our website is written completely in German language. Of course, we are also pleased to welcome visitors not able to read German! Therefore you can find the key facts about our activities below. If you have any questions on top – feel free to contact us and raise your questions.

We open the small railway museum every first sunday of the month from April till October between 1:30 pm and 5 pm. You can find the exact dates on this page. In case the line with a specific date has the information „mit Probefahrten“, we get out the trains to drive inside of the Trossingen city station with the historical railways of 1898-1902.

The museum is also open each time the train is in service.

In each case, the entrance to the museum is free.

Have a look to the small museum.

We put the old trains into service once a month in order to prevent damages due to standstill. Most of the times we do this on the third Friday of each month and we run our train between 8pm and 9pm. We drive on the 4.5 kilometre long railway – just like our trains did since 1898. As the purpose is to prevent the standstill damages, the ride is free for all interested visitors, even if we are happy to receive some donations. We call this trips „Mondscheinfahrt“ as sometimes the moon is visible above our train.

The next dates are announced on the bottom of this page.

„Mondscheinfahrt“ arriving in Trossingen city station – in June, therefore it is still bright.

On top we have two events each year where we run with the trains the whole day – every hour between approx. 10am and 5pm. You can find the dates and the timetables on this page. Most of the times, the dates match the great market days of Trossingen in early summer („Pfingstmarkt“) and in autumn („Kilbemarkt“).

On these occasions, we charge a small ticket fee of 2 € per person and per direction.

The three oldest electrical trains of Trossingen heading towards city station.

On top of our regular opening hours, you can also contact us to check out special events. We can open the museum or we can also have extra tours with the historical railways – both is depending on the availability of contributors of our association on the given date.

You can find information about our trains on this page. The most important parts of the collection are the motor coach T1 (built in 1898), the coach B2 (also 1898) and the locomotive EL 4 „Lina“, that was delivered in 1902 when the freight traffic increased. The collection also contains the motor coach T3 built in 1938, equipped with the most up-to-date facilities regarding railway technology – but also prepared for the upcoming war (e.g. dimming lights). In the 50s and 60s the two new motor coaches T5 and T6 were ordered, so the oldest trains of 1898/1902 could be put out of regular service. But the oldest trains were not scrapped, but at least stored and in case of the T1 further used for service purposes – till there were refurbished between 1985 and 1990.

Besides the T6, who is a eye-catcher outside of the museum, all trains that still exist are ready for service.

We are looking forward to your visit to tell you more!